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Hair Salons

Stylists and their clientele are at risk

Hairdressers are particularly exposed to certain risks related to air quality. Ventilation in hair salons is often neglected and the latest measurement campaigns show very high concentrations of pollutants in such establishments.

This New Air Purifier Can Help Eliminate Viruses in Your Salon

The spa and beauty salon market has been resilient last few decades and continued to grow. But, COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions have changed the customer outlook and it is one of the most negatively hit businesses.

Though in many countries, salons and barber shops are operational but with very rigid protocols and standards.Air is the most crucial aspect of being indoors and being susceptible to harmful pathogens in a closed environment calls for reflecting actions.

When hygiene is of paramount concern, Hepavent air purifiers can rescue your business and can ensure clean, safe indoor air for your staff and customers.

Hepavent offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use air purifiers that effectively combat pollution present in hair salons and reinforce your health protocol. Protect your staff from professional diseases related to the use of harsh products.


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