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Destroy pathogens in the air and on surfaces in hotel rooms, casinos, restaurants, and resorts with natural, chemical-free air purification.

The hospitality industry is all about creating the perfect atmosphere for your customers. Restaurants, hotels, lounge bars all have in common that the people present should feel comfortable and are willing to come back. The air we breathe, directly influences the way we experience our stay in any environment. Therefore undesirable smells from smoking cabins/rooms, kitchens, storage rooms, cleaning materials and outside should never be the problems of your customers.

Guests appreciate clean, healthy air

The hospitality sector faces unique challenges as it welcomes guests post pandemic. Offering a dynamically sanitized environment that mitigates pathogen risk is essential for hotels, casinos, resorts and sporting events.

The close proximity of guests and the extended stays associated with some offerings require continuous sanitization that can be delivered safely in the presence of guests to ensure ongoing protection.

Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality sector is seeking to improve air quality for its guests and employees by ridding the air of pollutants such as cigarette smoke, unwanted odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other chemical fumes that are emitted by off-gassing materials and cleaning agents.

Hepavent has the ability to assist the hospitality industry with particular air quality problems or a desire for preventive actions by providing state-of-the-art air cleaning solutions that are scientifically validated.

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