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Air quality in offices affects productivity and satisfaction.

Commercial buildings, such as offices, are frequently defined as “sick buildings”. This is due to the large and frequent complaints concerning the indoor climate and environment and their effect on the work sphere and health conditions of employees. These complaints can lead to the sick-building-syndrome. By realizing a healthy indoor climate and a good air quality, these complaints can be reduced.

Commercial Air Purification

Naturally cleanse the air and protect against pathogens where you work and shop with commercial air purifiers.

The commercial sector faces a persistent problem of poor indoor air quality due to pathogens, chemicals, mold, VOCs and more in the air. There is also the near-term challenge of managing workplace safety amid COVID-19.

To prevent and protect against viral epidemics and seasonal influenza offices, retail chains, building property managers and other businesses need to use portable and commercial air purifier units.

Hepavent offers a range of HV model products to provide effective removal of air pollutants, either in the form of stand-alone air cleaning systems or as part of a central HVAC system.

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