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Portable Air Purifier HV F

Portable Air Purifier HV F

HV Flat particulate air cleaners are primarily focused on the removal of pollution particles from the air we breathe.

These units can be upgraded with molecular filtration to help for deactivating viruses, spores and bacteria.

  • For particle filtration, we use HEPA filters (HEPA 14) according to standard EN 1822,or ePM1 (60 or 80%) according to standard ISO 16890.
  • Effective filtering with a transmittance ≤ 0.005 % A filtration efficiency of 99.995 % means that 99.995 suspended particles of 100,000 are held back with a H14 filter and only 5 particles pass the filter. The filtration efficiency of H14 filters is therefore ten times higher than that of H13 HEPA filters.
  • The special high dosage UV-C lamp in the HV kills bacteria, viruses, moulds and other primitive organisms in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Specially designed for large commercial areas
  • All HEPA classified filters are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory
  • The quality of the raw material is the highest. It is tested and developed according to very precise specifications
  • Prevents microbial contamination
  • Reduce PM1 and PM2.5
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Meets WHO / CDC / ECDC air filtration guidelines


Additional Benefits ;

      • Optionally 7″ Touch panel
      • Optionally (with UV lamp) PLC control will make its use and programming
      • Filters status and alarms on screen
      • Plug & Play, Easy to install
      • Easy to service
      • Optionally UVC filter life counter/alarm
      • Low pressure drop – the air flow through the filters is maintained for a long time
      • EC type high efficiency fan with variable speed control

Application ;

Hospitals corridors, Shops, Offices, Restaurants, School Classes, Sport centres etc.