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Portable Air Purifier HV




HV range air Purifiers are designed to purify air at a molecular level and some are specifically germicidal and used for deactivating viruses, spores and bacteria.

HV air cleaners with four stage industrial type filters enable  kills effectively coronavirus

  • For particle filtration, we use HEPA filters (HEPA 14) according to standard EN 1822, or ePM1 (60 or 80%) according to standard ISO 16890.
  • The special high dosage UV-C lamp in the HV kills bacteria, viruses, moulds and other primitive organisms in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Activated charcoal is an absorbent filter that will retain certain vapors passing through it to filter odors or chemical gases which kept viruses hanging in the air for a long time.

Healthier Indoor Environment

Prevents microbial contamination

Reduce Environment Impact

Less Asthma and Allergy Suffering

Reduce PM1 and PM2.5

Low Power Consumption

Less Odour

Completely Silent

Meets WHO / CDC / ECDC air filtration guidelines



Additional Benefits ;

  • The integrated PLC control will make its use and programming
  • Filters status and alarms on screen
  • Plug & Play, Easy to install
  • Easy to service
  • UVC filter life counter/alarm
  • Low pressure drop – the air flow through the filters is maintained for a long time
  • EC type high efficiency fan with variable speed control
  • Double panel insulated with 30mm thick rock wool and silencer

Application ;

While HV air cleaners are used in areas such as HV V + models, they are additionally  used in dental polyclinics, elderly nursing homes, surgeries, laboratories, etc., that is, in medium crowded areas with higher risk.