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School & Daycare centres

Air quality in schools affects health, academic performance

We see it as our job to provide teachers and children with a healthy learning environment in a simple, cost-efficient and professional way. Especially in this time where Corona is a threat to health. Hepavent air purifiers from remove fine dust, viruses, bacteria and pollen from the air. The HV V+ air purifiers are very suitable for removing Corona virus particles from the air.
Hepavent solutions for schools

The potentially devastating effects of learning loss for millions of students is a serious risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, many schools are looking for strategies to protect students in the classroom and around the school from COVID-19. One of these strategies is using air purifiers in classrooms.

Creating and maintaining healthful air quality in schools presents a unique challenge. A complex mix of indoor and outdoor air pollutants can compromise the learning environment and cause concern about the health and comfort of students and staff. Hepavent has extensive experience in providing schools with effective air cleaning solutions to address a wide variety of air pollution issues.

What is the best air purifier for classrooms to protect against COVID-19?

Hepavent HV V+ HEPA (H14) filter air purifiers are highly effective at filtering out particles the same size as the coronavirus. HEPA 14 filter air purifiers, therefore, are the recommended choice for portable air purifiers in schools and classrooms.

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