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Virus-free air at the gym with HEPAVENT air purifiers

Wherever many people exercise together while sweating and maybe lifting weights in groups, there is an increased risk to become infected by inhaling airborne pathogens hazardous to health. The problem of freely floating aerosols with viruses being attached to them is exactly what it is: They are floating! Protective screens or separating walls alone, e.g. installed in-between the individual training stations, do not prevent viruses from spreading through the air.
Keep your business going Anti-viral filtration for your gym

Lots of people breathing hard in an enclosed environment make gyms and leisure facilities an ideal place for COVID-19 to spread. But no business wants to be in the headlines as the center of an outbreak – the bad publicity will remain long after any shutdown has been lifted. So much of your contamination control efforts will be about limiting risk, but there are opportunities too.

Try HV V+, our new plug-and-play stand-alone air cleaning systems for anti-viral purified air. Individually tested Hepa H14 filters capture more than 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. If it is in addition to your Hepa H14 filters upgraded air conditioning system or as an isolated solution, Hepavent is your competent partner to find the right solution and system configuration for your specific challenge.

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